What Is Agree To See?

I Agree to See I Agree To See connects people interested in viewing campaign advertisements and reading more about campaigns with the advertisements released by candidates and organizations. Ultimately, I Agree to See is a marketplace for political communication to make campaign advertising dramatically more efficient and less costly.

Spending on federal campaigns alone exceeded $7 billion in 2012, according to the Federal Elections Commission. Because many voter-targeting tools remain quite blunt, campaigns and causes often waste funds on advertising that does not reach and engage the intended voters.

A community like I Agree to See will help reduce the demand on campaigns and causes to raise substantial resources to fund communications efforts (hopefully, reducing the influence of large donors) by providing campaigns with an accessible, existing, engaged community.

It makes sense to cut out the advertising “middle man,” e.g. broadcast and network companies, and let campaigns spend a relatively small amount on directing advertising to viewers interested in their content—and then give those viewers the immediate power to make a campaign advertisement go viral.

Right now, I Agree to See is in Beta, actively building a community by hosting some of the most famous and infamous political communication in American history.

Check out some of the best ads and join here to be kept in touch for future ads.

Who Are We?

This site was designed and is managed by the folks at Storefront Political Media, a San Francisco-based firm that runs campaigns and help causes around the country. The people at Storefront are not only constantly working on campaigns—but they are working to innovate new ways to win elections and raise money for causes.

Agree to See for yourself if you’re interested, and be matched with the information relevant to you.