When President Barack Obama passionately announced his executive action on gun control, he said that he would refuse to support any Democratic candidate who didn’t back gun control legislation. And with the President’s coveted endorsement evidently still up for grabs, Priorities USA wants to make sure that when the time comes, there will be no question as to where Hillary Clinton stands on gun control.

Political Ad Features First Hand Account of the Need to Reduce Gun Violence

Perhaps taking a cue from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety PAC, this powerful ad features Peter Read, whose daughter Mary was one of 32 people killed in the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.


He recounts the horrific morning when he lost his daughter and his belief in the necessity for addressing gun violence – a job for which he says Hillary Clinton is most qualified.

“It’s clear from the way she talks about it,” Read says, “that she’s talking from conviction.” He continues praising Hillary for “being very forthright in calling out the leadership of these organizations, like the NRA” – a group that has its sights squarely on Clinton.

Guns Blaze On the Democratic Campaign Trail

Aside from hitting a nerve with fathers everywhere, this ad also backs up one of Clinton’s sharpest attacks against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been quickly gaining on her in Iowa, and commands a decent lead in New Hampshire.

But when President Obama declared his refusal to back any Democrat who was weak on guns, the Clinton campaign saw an opening and quickly cut an ad called “I’m With Him,” which hugged the President’s legislation closely. Since then, she has used the same sentiment to attack Sanders, whose voting record on gun control is spotty at best – especially according to Clinton.

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