What are American’s more squeamish about – the idea of sex or the idea of losing their precious guns? No need to consult Freud, jut take a look at this intentionally transgressive spot on gun control and gun safety produced pro-bono by the agency McCann Erickson.

Evolve Together INC released “Playthings” on Thursday, an ad timed to coincide with National Safety Month. The creative team behind “Playthings” clearly want to remove the stigma around talking about gun safety. The ad depicts two young boys running round during a playdate, with large, brightly colored dildos, like they’re swords.

The ad was also released one day after Everytown For Gun Safety reported at least 100 children were unintentionally killed by gunfire during 2012.
  • Campaign : National Safety Month
  • Year : 2014

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