"No, but you could be a dead cat” if you stay in the water during a thunderstorm.

Don’t Swim During a Thunderstorm” is one tip these two boys need to learn. Thankfully, Deep Six from G.I. Joe emerges from below the surface to get the two boys out of the water before lightening strikes. His “electrifying” advice is one of many classic G.I. Joe public service announcements from the 1980s.

We recommend you watch several of these G.I. Joe safety tips, including “Don’t Take Drugs Without Your Parents There” and “What to Do If You Catch on Fire”. The best part is when a G.I. Joe character appears seemingly from nowhere. Where are the G.I. Joe characters when we need to learn a safety lesson in our day-to-day lives? At least these videos will suffice for now.

Did you know? These safety messages would appear at the end of every G.I. Joe episode during the 1980s. Each would end with: “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”

  • Year : 1980s
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