Have you ever tried to experience the world from the perspective of a person living with autism? It’s difficult for many to comprehend, but this PSA from Autism Speaks and the ad agency BBDO New York recreates a world based on one boy’s experiences living with autism.

The ad takes us through a whimsical world inspired by Jacob Sanchez – a young boy who was diagnosed with autism at age three. The stop motion ad shuffles through various scenes that highlight signs of autism – like sensitivity to light, lack of eye contact, trouble with speech and repetitive behavior.

Citing the statistic that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism per year, the PSA seeks to raise awareness about early signs of autism so parents can take action as soon as possible. As the PSA explains, early intervention can make a big difference in the development of a child with autism.

Creating the World Seen From Jacob’s Eyes

It’s not every day that we get to meet the people behind political ads and PSAs, but Autism Speaks released a short behind the scenes video chronicling the creative process behind the PSA.

This video pieces together additional metaphors from the original PSA. The creators explain, for example, that the opening animation of the boy floating down a river was actually their creative interpretation of how Jacob felt when his mother took an unexpected route to the supermarket.

Then we hear from his mother, who explains some of Jacob’s challenges from her perspective. For example, she points out Jacob’s “complete lack of speech” as a child – making the sound of Jacob’s voice at the end of the PSA all the more remarkable.

The Difference A Powerful PSA Can Make

Autism Speaks and BBDO New York have a history of partnering up to create innovative PSAs. In 2005, they created the award winning “Learn the Signs” autism awareness campaign – which raised over $300 million in donations. Autism Speaks donates the majority of the money it raises to fund scientific and medical research.

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