Last night, former President Bill Clinton made a special guest appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, who has just about five weeks to go until he leaves his hit show after more than 16 years.

Clinton called Donald Trump’s presidential announcement speech “vintage Trump” and told Stewart that the 12th GOP candidate has been “uncommonly nice” to Hillary and has long thought of Hillary as a “good senator” from New York, after 9/11.

It’s no surprise that Trump has been warm towards the Democratic frontrunner. Trump is a fan of the Clintons and recently told MSNBC’s Morning Joe team that Bill Clinton is his favorite president.

Jon Stewart: Donald is “The Trump-ocrat”

When the billionaire released his personal financial assets this week, many political wonks and pundits were asking themselves if a guy who could buy his way to the White House could have a shot and if the GOP should be worried.

Trump is in a unique position because he isn’t part of the Republican machine and he can say almost anything. He doesn’t need to be polite – and pundits like Joe Scarborough think that delivering searing truths could have an impact with GOP voters and it could shape the race.

At the very least, late night talk show hosts are excited to have Trump in the presidential race because there will never be a dull moment. We can’t wait to see what this Saturday’s SNL sketch will be.

Check out Stephen Colbert’s parody of Trump’s announcement speech below:

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