32-year old filmmaker Kevin McDevitt was diagnosed with two rare blood disorders, Aplastic Anemia and Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a few months after he got married. But he is recovering after he received a bone marrow transplant upon learning that his sister was a donor match.

Now he's encouraging people to join the bone marrow registry run by the National Marrow Donor Program at BeTheMatch.org, with a little inspiration from Taylor Swift. McDevitt's music video "Good Blood" riffs on Swift's epic "Bad Blood."

From "Bad Blood" to "Good Blood"

The video begins with McDevitt in a hospital bed. Before the music begins, text reads: "Earlier this year, a Bone Marrow transplant saved my life. A matched donor is the only CURE for millions affected by blood cancers."

A photo of the married couple appears, with Kevin wearing a face mask and the shirt that says "BUBONC." The story continues, "We spent the first year of our marriage in emergency isolation. Now, we share our experience, in this potentially humiliating remake of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood.'"

Like the "Bad Blood" video, the music begins with our female protagonist on the roof of a car surrounded by broken glass, only it's Kevin's wife Stephanie singing about how her husband now has "Good Blood" after his transplant.

Bad Blood Parody Video Encourages People To "Be The Match"

During the musical bridge she helpfully informs, "it's so easy / to join the registry / swab your cheek." Borrowing from Swift's use of weaponry, Stephanie uses a knife to pop balloons with the names of blood disorders written on them. Instead of slow cruising in an invisible car, Kevin ambles down his driveway in a toy car.

The video ends on a heartwarming note, with clips of other transplant recipients dancing and lip-syncing, and a final call to join the registry at BeTheMatch.org.

Check out the original song by Taylor Swift below: 

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