Finally, your childhood dream of joining Arnold Schwarzenegger in the mountains with a rocket propelled grenade launcher can finally come true… and all the proceeds will benefit afterschool programs!

No, you aren’t hallucinating – the former Governator himself has teamed up with After-School All-Stars, a national program that focuses on creating fun and engaging after school activities for kids.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

blow-sh-t-up-with-arnold-schwarzeneggar Blow Sh*t Up with Arnold will cover all the expenses to fly you and a friend to Los Angeles where you’ll stay in a four star hotel and take a choppa’ to meet Arnold at a secret rendezvous point.

Pinch yourself. See. You really aren’t dreaming.

Blowing Sh*t Up With Arnold is the Grand Prize – But There’s Other Awesome Stuff Too

Here’s how it works: You donate money to After-School All-Stars in exchange for entries to the contest. So the more money you donate, the more entries you have. The more entries you have, the greater chance you have to win the big one.

It’s a win-win. Every time you step up your donations, you get awesome thank you gifts from Arnold and the money goes to a great cause.

Ten bucks gets you into the sweepstakes with 100 entries. Throw in $75 and you will get 750 entries and an exclusive gym towel from the man himself. Step your game up to $2,500 and Arnold Schwarzenegger will personally record a video critiquing your workout form. If you’re trying to get swole, there’s no better teacher.

Wait… There’s More

You can get everything from a signed Terminator 5 script, to a signed grille from a car that Arnold blew up, or even a seat in Arnold’s 2016 Charity Poker Tournament at his house.

Now, dig into your couch cushions and scrounge together your life savings, so you can get a chance to blow sh*t up with Arnold – while making sure more kids have greater access to after school programs!

For reading this far, we’ve given you a bonus video of the greatest Schwarzenegger quotes ever:

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