"This is Your Brain on Drugs” has been a common refrain for decades. Cracking eggs on a hot sizzling frying pan has been a notable metaphor and the evocative imagery of your “brain on drugs” has been repeated throughout the years, leaving us speechless when asked “any questions?” No… that’s all the convincing we need.

The first of the two, “Brain on Drugs,” is only ten seconds long, yet we would say it’s pretty effective. Sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the simplicity of sizzling oil-drugs boiling our egg-like brain gets the point across that, well, drugs are bad.

In 1998, a second PSA called “Brain on Drugs 2” was aired and the message hit home with us – literally! Using Rachael Leigh Cook, a famous actress at the time, the ad resonated with a new generation of young adults. Not only does she crack an egg, but she takes it up a notch and destroys the kitchen. Smashing everything, she wakes us up, getting our attention. However, “it’s not over yet,” the girl calmly states before she destroys everything around her. By taking the metaphor to the next level, she shows how drug addiction, in this case heroin specifically, can affect your family and your entire life.

The message is simple: don’t do drugs. No questions here.

Did you know? This PSA is not the only time the audience has been asked “Any Questions.” Check out Herman Cain’s ad from 2012 and the attack ad against John Kerry.

The “Brain on Drugs” PSA was so popular that many others made spoofs of the commercial. This includes Johnny Depp in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare and a scene in Breaking Bad.

  • Year : 1987; 1998
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