Are we the only ones who found this video kind of painful to watch? Videos featuring Carly Fiorina have been known to raise some eyebrows – and this is no different.

This viral video isn’t from her campaign or her super PAC, but rather The Independent Journal – known for such viral classics as “Making Machine-Gun Bacon With Ted Cruz,” and “How to Destroy Your Cell Phone With Sen. Lindsay Graham.”

IJ’s political ad team is back with this video-gone-Purina-commercial titled, “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats With Carly Fiorina.” We see the former Hewlett-Packard CEO playing with squirming puppies and revealing her softer side.

And perhaps to no surprise, there are a few notably creepy moments – like when Fiorina says to one dog, “Obama ate one of your cousins,” or when she took a bite of a Milk Bone herself. Uh… yummy?

Fiorina takes it up a notch and makes her puppy video infinitely creepier than Kendall Jenner’s version when she says that a Twitter user compared her to the Disney puppy-skinner Cruella de Vil and tells the dog in her arms “your coat is exceptionally soft.” … Okay.

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