As a government that exercises full control over its enormous economy, China's Five Year economic plans are major events. And China really wants the English-speaking world to know that.

So before the next one is released on October 29, the Chinese government has produced a music video explaining what the five-year plan is. And it's, well, bonkers.

Can You Get The "Shí Sān Wǔ" Song Out Of Your Head?

The frenetically psychedelic animation depicts a folk foursome singing about the "shí sān wǔ" on top of a 70s-era Volkswagen bus. The simplistic chorus quickly bores inside one's brain, "If you wanna’ know what China's gonna’ do / Best pay attention to the "shí sān wǔ."

The song is routinely interspersed with forced dialogue, such as:

"Hey, have you guys heard about what's going on in China?"

"President Xi Jinping's new style?"

"Yes! And there's more."

"The "shí sān wǔ!"

A Song About Chinese Bureaucratic Processes, What's Not To Like?

The song offers nothing about what will be in the five-year plan, but expends effort explaining the bureaucratic process that creates the plan. They sing, "There's government ministers and think tank minds / And party leadership contributing finds." Lest you think that means a bunch of mediocre government hacks, a cartoon Albert Einstein pops up among the stern Chinese leaders.

Nor should you think this is an elitist process. "There's doctors, bankers and farmers too / And even engineers who deal with poo." (They really don't want you to miss that joke: "Ew. Um, did I hear that right?” says one. "Yeah! It's true!")

Will this ham-fisted attempt at viral video promotion work to grab the attention of the outside world? Well, it's already received media coverage from the New York Times, the Financial Times and Time Magazine, so China is doing something right.

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