Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign has released some interesting ads this election cycle – but his super PAC is sticking to a more classic ad strategy: attacking the front runner.

Of course, the group isn’t attacking the national front runner, Donald Trump, since that has proven to spell disaster for those who try. The PAC is instead attacking the frontrunner in Iowa – Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has been quickly scooping up Evangelical support in the early voting state.

Pro-Huckabee PAC Tells the Tale of ‘Two Teds’

The ad from pro-Huckabee PAC, Pursuing America’s Greatness, features audio from Ted Cruz’s fundraiser in New York City. The ad warns Iowans that there are “Two Teds” – one pandering to liberals at fundraisers in New York, and another campaigning in Iowa.

In the ad, we hear someone ask Cruz if rolling back the Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage is a “top-three priority” for him. Cruz simply answers “No.” The narrator goes on to warn Iowans: “remember the next time Cruz tells you he shares your values – there are two Teds.”

But Huckabee was quickly questioned once the full audio clip of Cruz’s answer was picked up by Politico, in which Cruz actually had a much longer answer. In the full audio clip, Cruz explains that in his view “defending the Constitution,” was the first priority of a President – and that includes “defending religious liberty” and “stopping courts from making public policy issues.”

Huckabee was questioned on Fox News Sunday if the ad was selectively edited. Huckabee pointed out that he was in no way communicating with the super PAC, but he defended the message nonetheless. “In Iowa,” Huckabee said, Cruz has “made a major point and he’s pitched to evangelicals as a person who is utterly authentic... But that’s not what you heard in that Manhattan fundraiser.”

Ted Cruises to the Front of the Pack in Iowa

The ad comes as Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucus in 2008, has slipped into a three-way tie for seventh place in The Hawkeye State. The 2016 Iowa caucus is February 1.

Ted Cruz on the other hand, has moved to the top of the polls there – defying 2016 political gravity by pushing Donald Trump to second.

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