The gang’s all here! Bill and Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and (a cardboard cutout of) Al Gore are back together, but this time, they’ve traded their political playbook for a musical songbook…

Introducing… Clinton the Musical!

clinton-the-musical-bill Based on “Hillary Clinton’s first presidency” or more commonly known as Bill Clinton’s presidency, this satirical musical looks at the two sides of Bill – the mature, Presidential Bill versus the fun, sassy saxophone-crooning Bill.


The Clinton the Musical’s website sums it up pretty well: “It’s 1992. Scrunchies are in and mullets are out. Baywatch is a hit and Time Magazine’s Man of the Year is Bill Clinton. He’s optimistic, charismatic and he’s bringing sexy back!”

Political puns, Hillary singing while Bill Clinton plays the saxophone, 1990s hairstyles and outfits… how could it get any better?

About Clinton the Musical

The musical premiered Off-Broadway this spring (coincidentally launching just when Hillary announced her run for 2016 Presidential Election). Writers Paul and Michael Hodge, Australian brothers, claim they have no particular party affiliation, so they can poke fun at the Clinton administration(s) through nonpartisan eyes.

Yea… We’re pretty sure Hillary and Bill won’t be buying tickets to see this musical anytime soon.

Take a look at this CNN interview below with Judy Gold, who plays both the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt coming back to give Hillary advice, and Linda, a friend to the Clintons. Learn more about the musical here:

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