Republicans bristle when Democrats accuse them of being out-of-touch with middle-class concerns. But that's not stopping them from using the same argument to slow down Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Fortunately for the Republicans, and unfortunately for the Clintons, the former President and potential future First Gentleman is giving Hilary Clinton’s opponents plenty of ammunition.

Have The Clintons Gone From "Feel Your Pain" to "Out of Touch"?

In fact "Out of Touch" is the name of this political attack ad, zeroing in on recent comments by Bill Clinton about their income.

"The Clintons are out of touch with working Americans" reads the Chyron, as we see a clip from a recent NBC interview conducted in Africa, in which the former president commented on his personal finances and high speaking fees.

"Over the past 15 years, I've taken almost no capital gains" he says. Then as images of Clinton tax returns appear, accompanied by "ka-ching" sounds, text appears that says "That's not what the records show. Tax returns show that the Clintons earned almost $371,000 in capital gains."

For those of you not intimately familiar with the tax code, Clinton bragging he didn’t declare more of his substantial income as capital gains, which is taxed at a lower rate, is an unfortunate declaration at precisely the time Hilary Clinton is trying to tack to the left and head off a progressive challenger.

But Republicans Have Money Too

The final Bill Clinton clip includes his biggest tin ear comment, which was a response to a question whether he'd keep taking paid speaking gigs: "I gotta’ pay our bills." That may stick in the craw of the middle-class Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck.

But in the middle of the ad, the RNC makes the odd choice of including Bill Clinton's rebuttal: "One of the most of amusing things of all is everybody saying 'how could Hillary possibly relate to the concerns of middle class America because now we have money.'"

In fact, Americans regularly elect people who have gobs of money because they often can communicate an understanding of what others are going through. President Obama went out of his way to highlight his own newly acquired wealth when making his case for tax cuts.

And considering that several of the Republican presidential candidates are not exactly coupon cutters, the RNC may want to be careful how fiercely it fights the class war.

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