The conservative group Catholic Vote has a message for the oppressed and the marginalized: you're not alone.

But by oppressed and marginalized, they mean people who oppose equal marriage rights for gay couples.

Opponents Of Equal Marriage Rights, You Are "Not Alone"

In the new ad "Not Alone," a multicultural parade of Americans take turns in front of a camera, expressing their apprehension at revealing for the first time why they are "different."
At first, viewers are misled. One woman worries about "people, kind of, hearing that I am this way, and then thinking, 'well, she's not welcome here.'" A man says it's "pretty scary. You wonder how many people can I really, truly, honestly be open with." Another woman shares her internal struggle, "I've tried to change this before, but it's too important to me."
Then it is revealed, as the background music begins to soar: "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman."
The testimonials then shift into a defensive mode. "No one's views should be suppressed," says an African-American man. The man who was scared assures, "I have friends who are gay. I don't fear them... I love them. What I do feel insecure about is speaking from the heart, and being really open and honest about what I believe."
The women start to tear up in their final pleas, as one says repeatedly to the world, "You're not alone."

Not The First Provocative Ad From Catholic Vote

Catholic Vote's move to use the language of equal rights groups to defend a position that would deny equal rights clearly was intended to provoke, and they succeeded. A parody response has already been created, where supporters of racial segregation and female submission declare "you're not alone."
Catholic Vote is no stranger to making provocative videos. It first made waves in 2009 by developing an anti-abortion ad featuring Barack Obama that was rejected by the Super Bowl.
The latest ad is unlikely to change many minds, even though it is generating plenty of clicks.

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