If you are a Ted Cruz Fan, or are just a fan of his political ads, you may have noticed his new play on words-style slogan “TrusTED” that now appears in all his videos. Well a pro Marco Rubio super PAC, flipped that slogan to highlight times Cruz has flipped his policies.

From ‘TrusTED’ to ‘CalculaTED’

Following attacks from last Thursday’s Republican debate, in which Marco Rubio “dumped his opposition research folder” on Ted Cruz, the latest ad from Conservative Solutions PAC fires off a litany of Ted Cruz’s voting inconsistencies.

“Calculated,” lists five flip-flops in 30 seconds; “immigration, Syrian refugees, ethanol, trade,” and even national security, referencing the Texas Senator’s semi-support for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. The ad argues that the only reason Ted Cruz is willing to shift his stance now, is for political gain.

The ad ends with a clip taken directly from one of Ted Cruz’s own political ads – except Conservative Solutions PAC swaps out Cruz’s “TrusTED” slogan with “CalculaTED.”

Republicans Grapple with Cruz’s Inconsistencies

Attacks from the Rubio camp – while energizing for Rubio’s supporters – are probably the least of Ted Cruz’s worry. Since Cruz has stepped into a cage fight with Donald Trump, he has been bombarded with attacks that range from legitimate policy disagreements all the way to Canadian “Birtherism.” Some polls show Cruz with a lead in Iowa, but by a slim – and slipping – margin.

So now the question is if Cruz can weather the storm until the Iowa Caucus, or if Hurricane Trump will claim another victim.

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