It shouldn’t surprise any of our readers that according to the American Rising PAC, Hillary Clinton is both “unethical and untrustworthy.” The conservative PAC is joining a well-orchestrated chorus of Republican and Republican-leaning organizations and highlighting foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation received while Hillary was Secretary of State. It is all a page ripped directly from Clinton Cash.

The attacks themselves are predictable. But how the media consultants working for the PAC chose to emphasize their main point is worth a second look. The media team cleverly replaces the “H” with the Hillvetica font.

This is a textbook attempt to jujitsu the many millions of media dollars the Clinton team has invested in this brand and uses it against her.


The ad explains that the “White House asked the [Clinton] Foundation to shut the door on most foreign contributions to avoid any question of ethics,” but apparently the Foundation “failed to disclose over 1,100 foreign donors.”

The ad claims the Clintons “never play inside the lines” – so can we trust Hillary Clinton as our next President of the United States?

While it is probably more the news coverage, rather than the paid media that is driving new poll numbers, the reality is that Clinton’s trust numbers have slipped dramatically in recent polls.

Hillary is set to testify later this month about Benghazi and her private email server before the House Select Committee. Maybe some unanswered questions will be solved, but we doubt this PAC will change the title of the ad from “unethical” to “ethical.”

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