How many fellow Republicans can a conservative group round up into one attack ad? The pro-Ted Cruz Courageous Conservatives PAC may have just set a new record.

Starting with homage to Ronald Reagan (because attacking him would be blasphemy) the minute-long spot packs in as many hits on “establishment” Republicans as time will allow.

Country in the Gutter? Thanks Obama… And Other Republicans!

The ad finds time to lob in a shots at a Who Is Who list of the Republican establishment – Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham – even Karl Rove. Oh, and don’t forget “The Bushes, the Doles, the McCains, the Romneys” – they all get a shout out.

Then, sounding almost like a Donald Trump ad, the video concludes, “It’s time to win again” and “take our country back.” And Ted Cruz is just the rambunctious renegade to get the job done.

The North Carolina based PAC has spent more than $135,000 supporting Ted Cruz and $63,000 attacking Marco Rubio – but this ad is pushing back against the new Republican establishment attacks on Cruz by saying – hey, that’s what you would expect from a “failed” establishment.

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