We all know littering is harmful and hurts the environment, but auteur filmmaker David Lynch takes this ordinary, everyday occurrence to another eerie level… in a way only David Lynch can.

When businessmen throw their food wrappers onto the ground, when a mom gives her daughter an ice cream or when a taxi driver shamelessly throws his trash out of the cab, these honest citizens of New York have no idea what is lurking in the pipes—rats!

The combination of the eerie music, dramatic close-ups, and the use of slow motion churns a fear and uneasiness within all of us here at Agree To See. It’s as if these creatures are lurking, waiting for someone to mistake the ground as a trash can.

Unless you want a massive rat insurgency or the second onset of the plague, please New York, clean up the litter!

Did you know? David Lynch is an American filmmaker with a cult following. His most notable works include Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Dr. and many more. Viewer beware! His films are even more unnerving and peculiar than this PSA… but we love them anyway.
  • Year : 1991
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