When we first saw Donald Trump’s latest Instagram video, we couldn’t help but think of Hubert Humphrey’s 1968 ad “Laughter,” ridiculing Spiro Agnew with uncontrollable laughter.

Trump’s team put their own twist on the ad and superimposed Hillary Clinton’s head and laughter over several newspaper headlines and fiery images from the Benghazi attacks.

The video ends with a voiceover chastising Clinton from the Benghazi Committee Hearings, “I don’t know why that’s funny” and text that reads, “Don’t let the joke be on us.”

Trump isn’t the first candidate to use Hillary Clinton’s laugh in an attack ad. Remember those two months when Rick Perry ran for president? He released a spot with what’s supposed to be Clinton’s “scary cackle” throughout the ad.

Trump Is Back On Top in Recent Polls

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll places Trump ahead of Dr. Ben Carson by 10 points – 32% to 22%.

Now that Trump is back on his throne as the GOP frontrunner, he can redirect his focus from Dr. Ben Carson back to the Democratic frontrunner… at least for now.

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