When one thinks of a unifying political figure, Donald Trump probably isn’t the first person that comes to mind. But apparently, we’ve got the Donald all wrong – at least according to himself.

In “Unifying the Nation,” one of the latest in his online ads, Donald Trump explains why he would bring the country together – in a way only Donald Trump could do.

After blaming the country’s current political division on President Obama, Trump references his business empire and says that it’s proof that he will “unify and bring our country back together.”

The Irony Isn’t Lost Here – But Wait, There’s More

Glossing over the fact that Donald Trump happens to be one of the most polarizing political figures in recent memory, it may come as no surprise that this video is not the first version of “Unifying the Nation” that Trump’s campaign released.

The first version of the video was much more… divisive.

You may notice that just as Donald Trump tells us “there’s so much hatred” and “so many problems” in our country, we see pictures of African Americans protesting the death of Trayvon Martin, photo’s of Guantanamo Bay protestors in front of the White House and images from the 2014 Ferguson Riots – polarizing images, by most standards.

But it seems even Trump has his limits. The original video was pulled offline, and the new ad only features one polarizing image – The Donald himself.

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