Those clever folks over at MONEYOUTVOTERSIN have launched a crowd funding effort behind this spin on the clever Dos Equis beer “Stay Thirsty” campaign of a few years back.

You know the great original spots – the chiseled old guy – called the “most interesting man in the world” – advises you to “stay thirsty my friends” while he’s surrounded by adoring models.

In this adoption the lead character is a Dark Money maven imploring listeners not to support the campaign finance reform movement. As obviously designed by the ad makers – it isn’t working. The INDIGOGO supporting the spot is already more than half way to its goal.

“Stay Jerry My Friends” Wins Political Consultant Bragging Rights

This isn’t the first time the Stay Thirsty guy has inspired a political ad. And though it is good, it isn’t the best.

A few years back political consultants working for the California Democratic Party outdid themselves as they fought to help Jerry Brown win back the governor’s office in the face of a $100 million advertising onslaught from EBay CEO Meg Whitman.

Their “Stay Jerry My Friends” spot was an instant classic with memorable lines like “he once balanced the state budget with only a stern look” and “while he was Secretary of State he spent weekends secretly coaching the Lakers.”

For those of you who might have missed it, here’s the original inspiration.

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