Former Attorney General Eric Holder is the star of Hillary Clinton’s first campaign ad in South Carolina – an early voting state with a large African-American electorate.

Holder served as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton, and alongside Hillary Clinton in the Obama Cabinet from 2009 to 2013. This ad, titled “25 Years,” is a testament to Holder and Clinton’s long – and presumably good – political relationship.

Holder Joins Clinton’s War on Republicans

“When Republicans weren’t going after President Obama, they were going after me,” we hear Holder say – even though this line sounds like it could have come from Clinton herself.

He goes on to explain Clinton’s long history of fighting for children and families, civil rights, voting rights – and today, tougher gun laws and criminal justice reform. As Holder is listing these fights, we see a montage filled with pictures of diverse voting booths and Clinton speaking at an event held by the NAACP.

The ad ends with Holder echoing Clinton’s campaign theme: “If you want to make sure Republicans don’t take us backward, help Hillary move us forward.”

Hillary Moves to Secure the South

The Clinton campaign must have had flashbacks of 2008 as soon as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders closed Clinton’s 50-point lead in Iowa. Even though Clinton technically won the caucus (by less than 1%), her campaign wants to make sure there is no chance of the Democratic Socialist pulling a similar near-upset in the Southern states, where Clinton’s campaign has a firewall.

Now, if only she could break through Sanders’ firewall in the New Hampshire.

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