When Georgia's law enforcement agencies wanted to create a PSA to reduce road rage incidents, they turned to one of the state's most famous residents: former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

Boxing Champ Stars In Anti-Road Rage PSA

The low-budget look and simplistic premise of the ad would not make one think that a celebrity was involved. A black car pulls out of his driveway, in front of a white car coming down the road. The (white) driver of the white car honks angrily, pulls in front to block the black car's path, then gets out, yelling and demanding the other driver get out so he can "tear you a new [expletive]."

The driver of the black car obliges.

Upon seeing who it is, the white driver's attitude predictably changes: "I didn't know it was you!"

The final tag line is simple: "Avoid Road Rage. You Never Know Who You Might Run Into."

Funny Or Racist?

Holyfield told the Associated Press he was happy to participate in the PSA because he was involved in a similar incident he was 17, after his car broke down in the middle of the road and another driver got out of his car to fight him. While he was already an amateur champion, Holyfield said he following his mother's advice to "just chill" in those situations.

Some may find oft-putting the ad's apparent, if unconscious, use of the "scary black man" stereotype. But as the Fightland blog says, "we can't really tell if this is funny or racist, but if there is one take-away from this PSA, it's that Evander Holyfield still looks like he's in great shape."

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