Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization founded in direct response to President Obama’s Iran deal, has released a spot warning about the potential price the world might pay if Iran develops a nuclear weapon.

The ad features Ahmad Batebi, who was a political prisoner in Iran for 9 years, sharing his experience of the psychological torture he was subjected to by his captors.

Batebi explains, “Iran had signed a treaty banning torture. But they did it anyway.” He continues that Iran signed a deal promising not to develop nuclear weapons, yet still maintain nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. He asks point-blank: “What do you think they’ll be doing?”

“Three Stools” is a Mark Putnam product and some of his work is critically acclaimed for its powerful and seamless production. One of his most notable spots was the “47%” ad run by the Obama campaign in 2012, which many say sealed the deal in booting Romney out of the presidential race.

Many organizations and legislators are pulling out all the stops to block the Congressional vote in September – which for some includes spending hundreds of millions of dollars on attack ads.

There will be no shortage of ads, so make sure to stay tuned with us at I Agree as we follow the political media around the Iran Deal.

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