No, it’s not a typo. We want Saturdaes instead of Sundaes! Saturdaes make everything better—that embarrassing swing and miss at the last baseball game or even a boring thunderstorm! Replacing ice cream and chocolate with fruit and yogurt is a delicious treat and healthier option.

We can admit, the PSA is cheesy, but you can’t tell us you weren’t tapping your foot along with the tune.

Did you know? Although “Make a Saturdae” was never explicitly identified as part of the The Bod Squad series, it had many similarities. The Bod Squad PSAs were broadcasted on Saturday mornings starting from 1974 and continuing in to the 1990s. All of them had catchy songs and cute animations similar to “Make a Saturdae.” Check out “Yuck Mouth” to watch an official Bod Squad PSA.

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