Just as Donald Trump is using attacks on immigrants to race to the top of the Republican scrum, Hillary Clinton's campaign is using glossy B-roll and Spanish-language narration to try to lock up the Latino constituency – vital for any Democratic candidate.

Of course it isn't just Trump she is trying to trump - most senior strategists of both parties doubt Trump can maintain his lead.

Lurking in the Republican pack are candidates like Jeb Bush, who speaks Spanish and is pushing his connections (family and otherwise) to the Latino community and, of course, his erstwhile ally Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American Senator from Florida.

Hillary Clinton Listens to DREAMers

hillary-clinton-dreamers-ad The political ad, "Sueños," or "Dreams," shows clips of Clinton meeting with a small group of Latino immigrants at a roundtable discussion in Las Vegas, Nevada during one of her campaign stops.

She heard stories from DREAMers who are unable to follow their dreams of becoming doctors or living a normal life because of "a piece of paper."

During one of the clips, Clinton tells the group, "I'm not about to let anybody who can make a contribution to our economy and our society get thrown away."

Martin O’Malley Tries To One Up Hillary Clinton

Although Hillary Clinton has been touting her plan for immigration reform, Martin O'Malley is hoping to take it one step further than Clinton and the rest of the presidential hopefuls.

Speaking at a New York State Immigration Action Fund event, O'Malley stated that the current immigration system is "inhumane." He listed several proposals, one being that he vowed to close detention centers for people who have been deported.

Immigration is already an important part of the discussion leading up to November 2016, but how the voters will react to their plans will be even more important to watch.

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