Hillary Clinton's political consultants are wary of directly attacking her chief rival in the Democratic Party primary Bernie Sanders, for fear that negative campaigning would backfire and alienate base voters. But her campaign has found a safe person to attack: Martin Shkreli.

The 32-year old former hedge fund manager-turned-"Pharma Bro" acquired the rights to a drug commonly used by AIDS patients and abruptly jacked the price up from $13.50 a pill to $750, claiming it necessary for profitability. And a new ad titled "Overnight" credits Hillary Clinton for getting Shkreli to back off of the increase.

Hillary Clinton Attacks Pharma CEO Instead of Bernie Sanders

The ad begins with a clip of Clinton's health care speech from September 21, in which she said, "It is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs." That is quickly juxtaposed with Shkreli's smug mug, and a NBC report describing the price hike. Clinton's media consultants did not use Clinton's line that called Shkreli's actions "price-gouging, pure and simple."

The camera switches back to Hillary, who promises "a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses." Then, we see a Fox Business news segment about Shkreli's reversal, with the reporter concluding, "He may be lowering it after Hillary Clinton blasted him out of the water."

Whether Shkreli was really responding to pressure from Hillary we can't be sure. He was being roundly criticized on many fronts, especially after his obnoxious Twitter tirade in defense of himself. But Hillary's initial tweet on the matter did have a demonstrative impact, just not one the campaign wanted to put in an ad: sending biotech stocks down five percent.

Can Going After Drug Execs Help Hillary Clinton Get Past Her Email Scandal?

The ad ends with text on the screen that read: "Your fights are her fights. Hillary Clinton. President." This is part of the Clinton strategy to get past the controversy over her State Department emails – by assuring voters she is primarily focused on them and is not bogged down by scandal politics.

Shkreli has promised to drop the price, but he hasn't said yet by how much. And Clinton isn't letting up, demanding on Facebook he "lower the cost today to its original price." So the Clinton vs. Shkreli standoff may not be over.

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