The Hillary Clinton campaign's opposition research arm "The Briefing" is celebrating Halloween a bit early by comparing the Republican presidential field to a zombie movie.

The ad is set up like a movie trailer, complete with the intro "The following PREVIEW has been approved for all audiences by Hillary For America."

Team Clinton Compares The Republican Field To Zombies

A zombie hand bursts from the ground, as narrator warns, "the failed policies from the past are rising from the grave!"

A CBS reporter says, "Trump's tax plan follows the same supply side economic theory Republicans have embraced since the early 1980s." Trump's mug is eerily juxtaposed with a movie zombie sporting a similar facial expression. And the mention of the 1980s is met with a brief clip of Michael Jackson's horror-inspired music video "Thriller."

"Humans from a generation ago are back to attack women's health" were told. Amidst more zombie footage, we see Rubio talking at a dinner to Yahoo!'s Katie Courie, saying that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and Bush, Carson and Fiorina arguing for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

This Movie Is Rated "O"

The narrator says "And just when you thought it was safe for the Affordable Care Act," followed by the usual Republican calls for the law's repeal.

"When the Republicans have no more new ideas, the zombie policies walk the earth!" the narrator teases, just before a final piercing scream from a zombie victim.

The "movie" is then rated "O" for "Out of Touch and Out of Date."

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