Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a new spot last night declaring her support for President Barack Obama’s executive action on gun control by announcing, “I’m with him.”

The spot also comes at a time when the latest Quinnipiac Iowa Democratic Caucus poll showed Clinton losing her frontrunner status in the Hawkeye State to opponent Bernie Sanders by 5 points.

The ad doesn’t mention the Vermont Senator, but the underlying message is a not-so-veiled shot at Sanders’s prior voting record on gun control in the U.S. Senate.

Hillary Clinton Says It’s Time to Pick a Side

“I’m With Him” has no frills – Clinton is looking straight into the camera and it includes text at the bottom to highlight her positions. She is appealing to the voters to “pick a side” – it’s either the president (and her) or the gun lobby.

The ad ran during the State of the Union address in Iowa and New Hampshire – the same day she was endorsed by the the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

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