Hillary Clinton announced her new renewable energy plan with an uplifting video designed to rally American "can-do" spirit behind her ambitious goals.

But the official opposition research and rapid response wing of her campaign known as The Briefing put out its own political ad with a decidedly different emphasis and tone.

Looking to skewer Republican candidates who refuse to accept climate science, The Briefing created an attack ad in the style of a black-and-white 1930s horror movie titled the "GOP's Mad (not a) Scientists!"

Hillary Campaign Goes After Climate Science Deniers

"Faced with the threat of climate change," reads the screen, "Republicans repeat one CHILLING phrase." Then we see four candidates say "I'm not a scientist."

"THEY ARE THE MAD SCIENTISTS" blares the screen, before red ink squeezes in the "not a."

"Feel the terror as they DENY established science!" precedes a montage of global warming denials from Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry.

"Cringe as they DENY AMERICA can make a difference!" is followed by another standard talking point, that it is fruitless for America to take a leadership role in cutting carbon because we can't stop global warming on our own.

"Witness the MADNESS as they veer into wild CONSPIRACIES!" and we're treated to Donald Trump calling climate change a "hoax" and Cruz reassuring "there's snow and ice everywhere."

Hillary Targeting Partisans, Not Swing Voters

"One of these MAD (not a) SCIENTISTS could be president" is following by an ear-piercing scream, ostensibly leaving you on the edge of your seat.

The ad ends with the URL of The Briefing, since the ad wasn't posted on Hillary Clinton’s main official campaign YouTube page. That suggests that the ad's audience isn't swing voters, but Hillary partisans whom the campaign wants to sign up for The Briefing's dispatch and enlist volunteers in echoing its talking points.

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