Hillary Clinton’s latest political ad in Iowa and New Hampshire focuses on a startling fact – between 88 and 92 people a day are killed by guns.

“We’re better than this,” Clinton says in the ad, filmed during a stump on the campaign trail.

Clinton has recently pledged to make gun violence a key voting issue for Democrats –once a sensitive issue that few liberal candidates would dare move front and center in a national campaign.

But when most politicians would politically tiptoe around this hot button issue, Clinton’s campaign is all in – even as the war between the NRA and Clinton continues to escalate.

Gun control has been the center of Clinton’s stump speech since the mass shooting in June in South Carolina – a state she is handily leading in recent polls with 71 percent to Bernie’s 15 percent.

Locking in the Urban Vote

Fifty-nine percent of American voters said stricter gun laws were one of several issues important to them, and since pro-gun control voters tend to cluster in cities, Clinton is on the campaign trail this week locking in her urban vote.

In Chicago Monday, Clinton met with the mothers of young black men killed by police officers, including the mother of Michael Brown and the mother of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old killed by a Cleveland police officer last November as he played with a toy gun.

And by tackling this issue head-on, the Clinton campaign has identified an issue where she can run left of Sanders and can continue to coalesce the African American, Latino and metro progressive vote into her campaign.

And of course it is not lost on Clinton or her team of political consultants that, while the issue might still be dangerous in a few swing states, it is a direct contrast with Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been a gun rights advocate in the past.

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