“Paid leave, earned sick days, child care, minimum wage... these are not women’s issues – they’re family issues, and they’re economic issues.”

The Clinton campaign’s newest ad, “Shame and Blame,” shows the former Secretary of State fighting back (again) against comments about playing the gender card. The video comes in the midst of a series of ads released by the Clinton camp which all relate to her long-time advocacy for women’s rights.

The video also features past quotes from GOP candidates, highlighting their tendency to either sidestep or directly oppose women’s issues.

Clinton’s team takes a shot at Donald Trump with a clip of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly confronting him for the less than kind remarks the business mogul had made in the past regarding women.

When In Doubt, Attack Trump

The ad was released while the Democratic frontrunner was in New Hampshire launching “Women for Hillary,” where she received New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s endorsement.

During Clinton’s speech, she mocked Trump – especially his comments that he “cherishes” women. In good ‘ole Trump fashion, he fired back on Twitter attacking Clinton:


Add that to the Trump insult generator!

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