Earlier we shared the news that Sen. Ted Cruz was endorsed for president by anti-immigration hard-liner Rep. Steve King. But Cruz wasn't the only one excited about the endorsement. So was Hillary Clinton.

Her opposition research arm The Briefing released a video with the message "Congrats, Ted! You worked hard for this." The ad proceeds to pair some of their most incendiary comments about immigration.

Ted Cruz and Steve King Would Build a Border Wall

We see Cruz in a presidential debate tout "fencings and walls" followed by King on the House floor with a model of a border wall complete with barbed wire, saying "we do that with livestock all the time." We see both reject citizenship for the undocumented.

Finally, Clinton's campaign consultants seek to tie Cruz to King's vitriolic comments about rape. King says "I've been challenged on that, 'well you can't conclude that it's Mexicans or Central Americans that are doing the raping.' Well, can you conclude anything else?" The clip is followed by Cruz on the Senate floor referring to "the horrible crime that typically accompanies illegal immigration." Cruz doesn't cite rape, but the ad encourages the viewer to assume that he is.

Text on the screen concludes: "Steve & Ted, there's no fence between them."

The question is: why are Clinton's political consultants dipping into the Republican primary and taking a potshot at Cruz?

Presumably, the Clinton campaign would much rather face off against a far-right anti-immigrant figure like Cruz instead of a more mainstream conservative like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush who could attract Latino votes in swing states like Florida and Nevada.

Is Hillary Clinton Trying To Help Ted Cruz?

In turn, Clinton's team appears to engaging in reverse psychology, hoping that by criticizing Cruz, Republican primary voters would believe that Clinton is threatened by Cruz.

Sen. Claire McCaskill recently bragged in her memoir how she pulled off a similar trick, running ads against the ideologically extreme Republican Todd Akin in the primary that goaded Republicans into nominating him.

Akin later claimed that "legitimate rape" victims were unlikely to become pregnant because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." The rest is political campaign history. Clinton hopes she can repeat it.

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