While the Republicans have been roiled by Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric, Hillary Clinton is calmly churning out wonky position papers coupled with uplifting political ads. Last month it was climate change. Now, it's student debt reform.

Hillary Clinton Ties Gloomy Stats To Smiling Faces

"College Affordability" doesn’t begin with gloom and doom, but with happy testimonials.

First from a student who won a scholarship, prompting her mom to shed "tears of much joy." Then from a child of Bangladeshi immigrants who talks about how his parents wanted a better education for their kids. We see a woman who is the first in her family to go to college and effusively speaks of "the empowerment" she feels, and then an African-American talks about how he had to work for almost his entire college career. Everyone has big smiles.

But as they talk, the realities of their debt burden are shown: "Total cost per year = $64,380", "$149,000 total debt", "$1640/month until age 49" and "27% of monthly income spent on student debt."

The ad is capped with audio of a soaring Hillary speech laid over the smiling student debtors: "I believe our success isn't measured by how much the wealthiest Americans have, but by how many young people go to college without drowning in debt... Higher education should be a right, not a privilege for those that can afford it."

Touting the name of her plan to cut college costs, but refraining on the specifics, the screen reads: "The New College Compact: Cost won't be a barrier. Debt won't hold you back." Her "H" logo is tweaked by using a collegiate font, and viewers are encouraged to go to her website for details.

Hillary Clinton Seeks To Reflect Diverse America

Clinton's media consultants employ many of the same hallmarks that we've seen in her past ads: an array of multiethnic faces, uplifting music, slow-motion footage for extra emotional punch, leavened with a dollop of wonkery.

These ads may not be the most viral of the campaign, but they are serving a purpose, defining Clinton as the deepest on issues, the most in touch with a diverse America, and the most hopeful about the future.

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