The questions around Hillary Clinton's presidential bid are many. Can someone who hasn't driven her own car in 20 years connect with the middle class? Is America ready to elect a grandmother as commander-in-chief? Should Hillary stress her gender or downplay it?

The Clinton campaign's "Happy Mothers' Day" video takes all these questions head on.

Hillary Clinton Tells The Story of Her Mom

The video begins with audio of Hillary's recent address to the Women in the World Summit, laid over scrapbook photos of her mother. Leaning on her mother's trials to refute any notion she had a patrician upbringing, Hillary tells the little-known tale of how her mom was "abandoned, first by her parents, then by her grandparents. By 14, starting to work on her own." But she overcame that beginning "determined to give me and my brothers opportunities far beyond anything she had known ... [She] high standards for me, that lit a spark."

Seeking to leverage her childhood to connect with other mothers and daughters, she says "everyone deserves a chance to live up to his or her God-given potential." We see video of Clinton not only as First Lady and Senator, but from her recent small-scale stumping, mingling with presumably Iowa and New Hampshire families.

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Shy Away From Being A Grandma

Weaving her new grandmother status into her policy agenda, she says "When I was at the hospital with Chelsea... one of the nurses said to me, 'thank you for fighting for paid family leave.' At a time that should be so exciting and joyful, I see so many women who are just distraught... they don't know how they are going to manage."

She reiterates the point, using video from one of her Iowa roundtables: "I have this new granddaughter, and I want her to have every opportunity. But I want every child in our country to have every opportunity."

Hillary's media consultants cap off the political ad with a montage of home video featuring different families and their kids. At a time when resource-poor Republican campaigns tend to draw on the same, bland stock footage to round out their ads, the richness and uniqueness of the Clinton campaign imagery stands out.

In the Mothers' day ad, we see all the emerging themes of Hillary's 2016 come together, the grandmother, the working class warrior and the groundbreaking woman. And she has a media consultant team able to bring all those elements together in a slick – but not too slick – package. GOP consultants, while understandably committed to mocking her, may want to pay close attention to how her team captures the middle class sensibility.

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