Behold, another anti-Hillary attack ad from the GOP camp. But it’s not quite the same this time around: the Republicans have managed to turn Hillary’s own ad against her without editing a second of the audio from its original format.

The original ad focuses on Clinton’s dedication to “reshuffling” the financial cards in America to fight economic inequality and help boost the suffering middle class.

Referring to the days when someone like Clinton’s mother, who never attended college, could see their daughter graduate from law school, the Former Secretary of State asserts: “I’m going to do everything I can do get that deck reshuffled, so being middle class means something again!”

Hitting Clinton Where It Hurts: Her Socio-Economic Status

hillary-clinton-hampton-vacation Clinton’s ad fueled the GOP fire and they hit her at her weakest point: her own socio-economic status. The Republican attack ad features little dialogue bubbles in the corner of each scene listing statistics that juxtapose what Clinton is advocating.

It’s hard not to think about Vh1’s famous Pop Up Video when watching the ad. Very 1996 of you, GOP.

As Clinton fires at CEO’s making 300 times what the average worker is making, the bubble reminds viewers: “I make over 300 times the median family income”.   When she talks about the importance of opportunities for higher education, the bubble says: “I was paid millions for speaking at schools, raising tuition rates”.

There are many criticisms about Clinton being “out of touch” with the average American and the Clinton campaign will have to constantly face these hurdles – especially when she vacations in the Hamptons at a rental mansion for more than $50,000 per week.

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