Donald Trump's chances in the Iowa Republican caucus hinge upon getting people to show up who are not veteran caucusgoers and, in some cases, not registered Republicans. As caucuses are more involved processes than traditional voting, how is the Trump campaign cajoling his fans to participate?

With the campaign's secret weapon: Ivanka Trump!

In a two-minute instructional video, Ivanka tries to make the caucus process simple and not intimidating for newbies, but she may be overselling the simplicity.

Ivanka Tells Trump Fans Caucusing Is Easy

The caucus, "will start at 7 sharp, and it should only take around a half an hour," she breezily asserts, "so, very very quick." But a more thorough Des Moines Register video stresses that the Republicans caucuses – while less complex than the Democratic ones – can take two hours to complete, since before the vote there is party business to finish and speeches from candidate supporters. The Trump campaign operatives assume that once his people are in the room, they will stay in the room. But the campaigns risks having supporters turn annoyed, leaving early or switching their vote.

Ivanka also tries to ease the fears of Trump supporters who don't want their neighbors to know they are Trump supporters. "It's a secret ballot, you just write down the name Trump and you are done. And that's it!" That's mostly true, but the Des Moines Register notes that in some caucus locations you have to raise your hand instead of using a secret ballot.

Ivanka Helps Trump Supporters Navigate Voter ID Law

She also explains to the many Trump fans who are not registered Republicans that they need to change their affiliation at the caucus site so they can participate. "But don't worry, it's really easy do it right on the spot," she assures. "All you need to do is bring a Photo ID and proof of mailing address." Liberals, who have accused Republicans of pushing voter ID laws to make it harder for people of color to vote, will no doubt find it amusing that those laws present a hurdle to Trump's predominantly white voter pool.

She ends with a touch of celebrity power, announcing that Trump and her siblings "will all be there at various caucus locations," giving fans an extra incentive to turn out on the chance they might have a brush with fame. Will it be enough?

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