Is 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton allergic to real people? That’s what the GOP wants you to believe in this latest attack ad.

Hillary is running on a message platform as the “champion” for all Americans, and Republican political strategists are working every single day to cut down and discredit her campaign’s central theme.

This ad shows her announcement video and piles on examples of how she’s “out of touch” with everyday Americans. She hasn’t driven her own car in 20 years. She gets paid millions of dollars for speeches, and many voters view the Clintons as untrustworthy. The creators behind this ad even take a few frames from an SNL skit where goofy Kate McKinnon portrays Clinton.


The ad claims that Hillary is tanking in the polls, but according to Public Policy Polling, “Hillary Clinton remains as dominant as ever on the Democratic side - she polls at 61% to 13% for Bernie Sanders, 7% for Michael Bloomberg, 2% each for Lincoln Chafee and Martin O'Malley, and 1% for Jim Webb.”

So are these attack ads enough to stop the Clinton Machine?

The GOP, Koch brothers and the countless Republican strategists and their infantrymen will not sleep until Clinton’s campaign self-combusts.

Political attack ads, bombastic punditry, hit books like Clinton Cash, negative political cartoons, offensive Internet memes – you name it – death by a thousand paper cuts, and we’ve got 515 days until the November 2016 election. The GOP has even launched a petition, “Pledge to Stop Hillary Clinton,” that (as we write this) has over 105,000 signers.

There’s no secret to the Republican presidential candidates’ playbook. Hit Hillary with everything you can, and pick one of the conservative lanes and run hard. The first televised debate will air on Fox News August 6th in Cleveland – and only the top 10 Republican candidates will be invited to join.

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