A New York City-based string quartet, Well-Strung, paid tribute to 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton by parodying the song “Stacy’s Mom” and tailoring the lyrics to “Chelsea’s Mom” instead.

Well-Strung member Edmund Bagnell told ABC News that, “We knew we wanted to do something publicly in support of her and it just popped into my head.” The group is known for mixing comedy with their takes on classical and contemporary music.

“Chelsea’s Mom” takes an interesting angle with Clinton—both idolizing and sexualizing her. Critics say the song is sexist, but Well-Strung responded that it “wasn’t intended” to be that way. Instead “Chelsea’s Mom” is a “fun love letter to Hillary.”

Hillary Clinton Embraces “Chelsea’s Mom”

The group caught attention of the Clinton campaign, when she tweeted out the song with the hashtag #ChelseasMom2016. Maybe another potential campaign song for Hillary?


Don’t remember Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom?” Watch it here:

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