Most pundits christened Hillary Clinton the winner of the first Democratic debate. But Jeb Bush moved quickly to make the case he would match up against her well, with the help of two "Hillary vs. Jeb" online ads produced overnight.

Jeb "Debates" Hillary On Keystone...

The first dings Hillary on her answer about the Keystone pipeline. Arguing it did not amount to a flip-flop, she said "I never took a position on Keystone until I took a position on Keystone."

The clip is followed by a "HUH?" on the screen. Then we see Jeb talking Keystone at a Republican debate, "Hillary Clinton, who can't even say she's for the XL pipeline even after she's left? Give me a break." "WINNER!" declares the screen.

...And National Security

Another challenges Hillary's defense of Obama's military action in Libya, coordinated with the United Nations: "We want you to help us deal with Qaddafi ... Our response, which I think was 'smart power' at its best, is that the United States will not lead this."

Another "HUH?" is followed by Jeb at a campaign appearance: "We can't be part of the 'community of nations.' We can't 'lead from behind,' all this new language that is the antithesis of American leadership. We have to lead." Again we have a "WINNER!"

With Hillary firming up her frontrunner perch, Jeb needs to convince the Republican electorate that it should nominate someone with comparable experience and gravitas to go toe-to-toe with her on the debate stage. These videos give voters a preview of what to expect.

They may not offer Trump-esque fireworks, but the Bush political consultants have to hope that the Democratic debates will make Republican voters sober up, and fast.

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