Jeb Bush got out ahead of his Republican counterparts this morning with an online ad condemning President Obama’s executive action on gun control. The ad coincided with an emotional speech by the president, in which he called for a national “sense of urgency” to limit gun violence.

In the minute-long spot, “Protecting the Second Amendment,” the former Florida Governor made the case that anytime there is “tragic mass killings by deranged people, the first impulse of the President of the United States and Hillary Clinton is to take more rights away from law-abiding citizens.”

He goes on to echo a popular line from guns rights advocates: “the second amendment keeps us safe,” adding that “law-abiding citizens that are trained to be able to protect themselves creates a safer America.”

Bush defended his staunch support of the second amendment this morning at a town hall at the Derry Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire. He called the president’s action a power grab, outside the bounds of his authority and added that the best way to address gun violence is to “allow the states to decide what kind of gun control laws that they have.”

On the other side of the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton praised the president’s gun control effort, telling a room full of supporters in Des Moines, Iowa that she was “so proud of what the president announced today.”

With the Iowa caucuses only 28 days away, we can expect the rhetoric on the polarizing issue of gun control to intensify. Stay tuned.

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