Since Donald Trump dominated airwaves with his inflammatory comments on Mexican immigrants, the Republican Party and presidential candidates have been scrambling to do damage control with Latino voters.

Among the responses, Jeb Bush’s campaign released a political ad entirely in Spanish that also covers a topic that few candidates have tackled: the needs of families whose loved ones live with disabilities.

Jeb Learns First Hand the Issues the Disability Community Faces


For those who don’t speak Spanish, the arc of the story is simple: when Jeb was running for Governor in 1998, Florida resident Berthy De La Rosa-Ponte approached him and asked about his position on people with disabilities.

Instead of providing a generic answer, he asked Berthy to teach him about the issues that community faces, and he spent four days with Berthy and helped care for her daughter, Lucy.

In the ad, Jeb Bush not only shows off his Spanish-speaking skills and his compassionate side, but he also announces his support for maintaining federal and private sector programs to improve the lives for people with disabilities and their families.

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