If fossil fuel executives won't listen to President Obama on climate change, maybe they'll listen to Jeff Goldblum. As Republicans in Congress join with fossil fuel interests in an attempt to block President Obama's carbon emissions-cutting "Clean Power Plan," the League of Conservation Voters launched a petition drive urging Congress to support the new EPA regulations.

To promote it, LCV partnered with the comedy website Funny or Die to produce a sketch called "The Fixer."

League of Conservative Voters Mock Fossil Fuel Executives

The scene takes place in the "Nation's Biggest Polluters Secret Headquarters." Actor and environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. portrays the fossil fuel cabal's leader. He rails to the group seating around a boardroom table, "Alright everyone. Our backs are against the wall. People are convinced our coal-fired power plants are killing people and the planet."

He scoffs, "I mean, solar is cool.” The group breaks out in laughter, but the leader angrily cuts them off. "It's not the 80s anymore!" One offers an aside, "God, I miss the 80s."

"And now the EPA wants to put their clean-air safeguards on us. That's why I called in The Fixer," Begley tells the room.

The crowd is stunned. "I thought he was just a myth" says one. "I heard he was friends with Don Johnson," says our 80s-loving executive.

Then The Fixer (Goldblum) appears suddenly, dressed in all black, without making a sound. The group hangs on his every word.

Comedy Gold In the EPA's Clean Power Plan?

But The Fixer has a surprise for them: a sober explanation of the Clean Power Plan and how its standards are easily met: "They have set state-by-state limits for carbon pollution from power plants ... They want innovation in clean energy." "I'll burn what I want!" one blurts out, not realizing where The Fixer is going.

“They’re providing flexibility and time to make these cuts so you can optimize your reductions while still providing reliable electricity for everyone," he continues. "I'm so angry about that for some reason," shares a confused executive.

"And these regulations are going to create new jobs and billions in economic and health benefits, and they will legitimately save lives." Slow to grasp where he's headed, the leader asks, "So Mr. Fixer, what do we do?"

"I have a very simple fix. Do it." After the assembled break out in pandemonium, he goes on, “The fact that you’re objecting to these very simple and reasonable asks feels to me like you might be some of the worst, most execrable, selfish, reptilian nincompoops with whom I’ve ever had the distinct displeasure of working. He leaves with a final message: "Don't be garbage people."

Text on screen urges action, saying, "Don't be Garbage People. Stand up to Big Polluters" and points to the website petition page.

The sketch certainly gets the LCV message across, but at expense of bona fide laughs. Goldblum's Fixer spends more time delivering talking points about the Clean Power Plan than telling jokes. The balance between comedy and substance is always tricky for political viral video to achieve, and this spot is no exception.

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