It has been over 50 years since John F. Kennedy stood at a podium, but his historic speeches are still being used to influence nations today – this time in an attempt to inspire Ireland to become energy independent.

The Irish Wind Energy Association teamed up with Rothco, a Dublin-based ad agency, to use the Irish-American politician’s soaring rhetoric to persuade citizens of Ireland to use – and pay for– more wind energy.

The ad uses President Kennedy’s 1963 speech when he addressed the Dáil Éireann – one of the branches of Ireland’s parliament. The stirring words are set against images of modern day Ireland.

When asked about the ad, Aedamair Cassidy, an account director at Rothco said, "Our tone was rooted in the idea of national pride. We wanted to make Irish chests puff out as they listened to one of the most important figures of the twentieth century talking about our country in such glowing terms. It was important to make the conversation relevant for today's audience, so we chose visuals that depicted a modern Ireland."

As President Kennedy said during his 1963 speech, “no nation large or small can be indifferent to the fate of others.”

Ireland’s Path Towards Energy Independence

At the moment, Ireland only produces 15% of its energy domestically, while importing the rest – which costs the country approximately €5.7 billion per year.

Irish Wind Energy Association claims that “Ireland has enough installed wind energy to power over 1.5 million homes” and “is capable of meeting over 50 percent of Ireland’s entire electricity demands.”

This ad will air on TV, radio, digital and outdoor advertising throughout January. Check out their site for more information.

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