The music video of the election season has been Lil Jon's "#TURNOUTFORWHAT". But now Joan Jett is staking her claim.

Women Rockers Sound The Alarm To Young Pro-Choice Voters

Working with an arts collective called "Department of Peace," Joan Jett lent her song "Bad Reputation" for a video jam-packed with lip-syncing celebrity women rockers ranging from Lesley Gore to Sia To Carrie Brownstein, plus dozens of cute punk rock kids. Many of the rapid-fire clips appear to be homemade videos produced on laptop computers.

The video mixes with facts designed to outrage and motivate women voters concerned about losing civil rights and reproductive freedoms. For example, "100% of Senate Republicans Voted Against The Paycheck Fairness Act" blares the screen at one point.

Can Joan Jett Get Unlikely Voters To Turn Out?

Recognizing that Democrats have had difficultly getting young, unmarried women to vote in non-presidential years, text on the screen warns: "The most regressive anti-equality laws are being passed on the state level. That's why the midterms are so important." Later, "Midterm turnout is historically low. Let's change that!"

Joan Jett speaks to the camera after the song is over, calmly but starkly framing the election: "There are candidates running for office this November who have backwards views on women's rights. If you care about our right to control our own bodies, and our own paychecks, then get yourself out to the polls this November 4th, and vote. And bring your friends."

Joan Jett may not be at her peak of fame, but she is a fixture in the world of women's rock. In an election where many races may be determined by a few votes, and in which Democrats need to find ways to turnout "unlikely" voters, niche appeals like this may play a big role in determining the final outcome.

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