“10,000 Days” sounds like it could be the title of an apocalyptic thriller.

You can listen to the radio ad here.

But for Kentuckians, the damage wrought by Senator Mitch McConnell’s 30 years in office is a reality – or so says the Democratic group the Senate Majority PAC in its new “30 Years Is Too Long” campaign.

The radio spot echoes a recent “gridlock” ad from the Alison Lundergan Grimes camp – the Democratic challenger in the senate race. “With McConnell in charge, Congress has ground to a halt. Filibusters. Shutdown threats. Gridlock. Congress couldn’t even pass a farm bill. After 10,000 days, McConnell’s spent so long in Washington, he’s lost touch with Kentucky.”

Unless Congressional approval ratings make a miraculous recovery, it’s likely that we’ll see some dramatic changes in next year’s elections. The end of McConnell’s thirty-year reign might be one them.
  • Campaign : Senate Majority PAC
  • Year : 2013

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