In a web video encouraging people to join the email list of the American Civil Liberties Union, comedian Lewis Black, a regular on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, employs his curmudgeonly charm to rally viewers to oppose the current rash of voter suppression tactics such as voter ID laws and restrictions on early voting.

Viewers are taken "behind the scenes at a ACLU photo shoot" where Black and ACLU voting rights attorney, Dale Ho are chatting while they are being primped. Black wonders aloud, "Who is denying people the right to vote?" The more Ho explains, the angrier Black gets.

Lewis Black Cannot Believe How Far States Will Go

As Ho shows Black a photo of a ridiculously long line of African-Americans at a polling station, Black explodes, "What the hell is this? Is it 'Black Friday'? ... What's next, a poll tax?"

"Well..." Ho begins to respond. "Oh, no f*****g way," cries out Black (although the ACLU was not about to censor Lewis Black.)

"Voter ID, like they tried to implement in Wisconsin, costs money. It essentially is a poll tax," explains Ho. Then Ho shows Black an official Wisconsin government chart on how to obtain an ID card. "This looks like a chart showing how tough it is for a sperm to find a fertilized egg."

The ACLU Has Its Eye On Young Donors

This the latest example of what non-profits have to do in order to freshen their donor bases. By using a celebrity familiar to young audiences, sprinkling some profane humor, and identifying an issue of visceral interest but not necessarily associated with the organization, the ACLU can connect with people who are not yet donors.

Then, by getting viewers on the ACLU’s email list, the small fundraising asks can come later. Years down the road, as the young supporters accumulate more wealth, the ACLU can try to cultivate some of them into more generous and reliable donors. While going with an edgier ad campaign may ruffle the feathers of some of their current donors, it may be a necessary risk for the future of the organization.

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