Painting the house, washing the car, tossing pebbles—a son looks up to his father, learning how to be just like him. “Like father, like son” depicts this touching bond accompanied with a bouncy tune. This joyful tone quickly ends once the father lights a cigarette and the narrator asks, “Like father, like son?” According to this PSA, the adorable little blonde kid is now in danger of these hazardous cancer sticks and may pick up the bad habit, which he learned from his father. Come on pops, save your son now and stop smoking!


When “Like Father, Like Son” aired in 1967, it had only been three years since the Surgeon General released a study showing the negative impact of smoking to one’s health. Before that study, many groups fought smoking because of moral reasons. The American Heart Association sponsored this PSA, successfully combining the health and moral arguments.


Did you know? Shortly before this ad aired, health warnings were required on cigarette packages starting in 1966.

  • Year : 1967
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