Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley bowed out of the Democratic primary gracefully last night, after he was unable to meet the viability threshold in the Iowa Caucus.

O’Malley announced he was suspending his campaign before the end of the caucus, and his delegates were dispersed to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Sanders and Clinton – as well as the Democratic Party – praised the former Baltimore mayor for his public service and his “issue oriented message.”

In the final ad from his super PAC, Generation Forward, O’Malley thanks a small group of supporters who are huddled around a campfire – a stark contrast to the massive celebration rallies of his opponents.

It’s unclear what O’Malley’s next move will be – though he has said that he has “zero interest” in a Cabinet position in a Democratic administration.

So maybe it’s fitting that this video feels more like a eulogy than a political ad.

Check out the rest of Martin O’Malley’s campaign ads here.

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